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X-men in Training

X-Men Evolution Rating
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Welcome to xmenevo_rating, a rating/stamping community for the TV show, X-men: Evolution! It's like all those other rating communities out there on LJ, you join, fill out the application and other members vote on which character you're most like.

Hello and welcome to the X-men evo ratings com. This com was first started by amelia_124 but alas she has gone away somewhere and I seem to be in charge now. I am yami_no_ryuzaki

So come on in and join us in the X-men: Evolution fandom. :D

Last rule update: June 15, 2007

01. No rudeness. If you don't agree with another person's opinions/interests, you don't have to get all snarky about it. Can't we all just get along?

02. To actually post in the community, you must join first.

03. After you're stamped, don't just leave! Stay and vote on other's applications as well.

04. Promoting is okay, just as long as you put it under an LJ-cut!

05. Stay active, make new friends, promote us and have fun!

01. When voting, be sure to bold your final vote. Don't know how? Just use this code: <*b>What you want in bold here<*/*b>. Just remove the asterisks. If you could give a little explanation as to why you voted for that character, that would be great. It's not compulsory but it's much appreciated.

02. Don't let your vote be swayed by someone saying "I &hearts -insert character here-!". Unless they actually are like that character, please focus on their attitude, personality, etc.

03. You don't have to be stamped to vote on other applications! The more the merrier! :D

04. At least try to vote on an application... You don't need to vote on every single one, but it's nice if you would vote once in a while.

01. Put your application behind an LJ-cut! Don't worry, the code for the LJ-cut is already in the application.

02. Before applying, you must first vote on at least three unstamped applications (if there are any unstamped ones anyway), theme or normal.

03. To prove that you have read the rules, put "I've got the X-gene!" as your subject line. As for your LJ-cut text, anything will do.

04. Fill out the entire application please. Be specific and explain your answers when you can, it's hard to decide which character you are if you only answer in one or two words. Photos are appreciated but not compulsory.

05. Don't fill out the application trying to lean it toward a specific character. Just be yourself! There's bound to the someone in the X-men: Evolution world who's like you...

06. Applications will be stamped on a weekly basis. The mods are the only ones allowed to stamp. Upload the stamp to your own server!

07. You may re-apply one month after your first stamping. Don't forget to follow the rules and say that you're re-applying.

Don't forget those rules!

A new theme will be put up every one or two months, depending on the feedback.
January: Comic Book Characters
February: Match
March: Mirror
August: Abilities

01. If you're a bit confused about the personalities of the characters, this is a good place to read up on them... :)

02. To prove you've read the rules, here's the obligatory subject line. You must have the words "With great power comes great responsibility". (PS: Cookie if you get the reference. Which you SHOULD. ;D)

03. You must have filled out a normal application and been stamped before applying for this theme.

04. Sorry folks, but only characters from the show X-men: Evolution can be used here. Not the comics...

Aside from the subject line, the usual application rules still apply...

Now onto the application itself!

Have fun filling the application out!

The stamped list for the normal application can be found here. The list of stampable characters is also there.

Theme Lists
Comic Book Characters theme:
Stamped List // Characters List

Match theme:
Stamped List

Mirror theme:
Stamped List

Abilities theme:
Stamped List // Voting Guide


stamping_comms (The master links list of all the stamping communities on LJ)

Would you like to affiliate? Just comment here and I'll add you to the list as soon as I can.

Stamps made by amelia_124. Screencaps from Kataclysm and Beyond Evolution. Userinfo coding by reversescollide.

Not all that sure about one character's personality? Then head on over to Beyond Evolution for great character profiles!